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 Interstate 140 is an interstate that is a spur route for I-40 in Wilmington. The route serves as a huge chunk of a northern bypass of US 17 for the city, and is a major connector between I-40 and US 17.

I-140 Shield

The Route Path:

I-140 starts at an interchange with US 17 southwest of the Town of Leland, and just north of NC-87. The interstate heads north, shortly before passing through a gap in Goodman Road. Eventually, I-140 reaches an exit for US 74/76, which head east into Leland.

I-140 starting at US 17.
I-140 beginning at US 17 Northbound.

The first distance sign on I-140 in NC.
The first eastbound distance sign on the interstate.

I-140 at its exit with US 74 and US 76.
I-140 at the exit for US 74/76 near Leland.

Shortly after the exit, the interstate begins to curve east, having an exit for Mt. Misery Road at the end of the curve. I-140 continues east from the Leland area, passing through some wooded areas before having an exit for Cedar Hill Road.

At the exit for Mt. Misery Road.

The eastbound reassurance shield after the Mt. Misery Road Exit.

At the exit for Cedar Hill Road.

Right after the exit, the interstate reaches a bridge, going over the Cape Fear River as it enters New Hanover County. I-140 continues over the bridge for a while, curving northeast as it reaches US 421. After having an exit for US 421, the interstate heads back on another bridge, crossing the Northeast Cape Fear River.

I-140 entering New Hanover County as it begins to cross the Cape Fear River.

At the US 421 Exit, in between bridges.

Crossing the Northeast Cape Fear River.

After getting off the bridge, I-140 curves east again, before having an exit for NC-133 shortly after. The interstate curves southeast after the exit, passing over Blue Clay Road and curving northeast again. Shortly after, I-140 passes under US 117, before the interstate reaches its east end at an interchange with I-40 north of the CDP of Northchase.

Going back onto land after the bridges.

I-140 at the NC-133 Exit.

The east end of I-140, at the I-40 interchange. NC-140 continues the bypass east to US 17.

The freeway continues east from the interchange signed as NC-140, eventually meeting back with US 17 north of Kirkland.

My Experiences:

I have only been on I-140 once. That one time was a big part in why I decided to expand Hunty Roads into North Carolina, and I've also clinched the interstate.

Exit List:

Exit Number Route
Exit 1 US 17 North (Ocean Hwy.)
Exit 5 US 74/76 (Andrew Jackson Hwy.)
Exit 8 Mt. Misery Road
Exit 10 Cedar Hill Road
Exit 14 US 421
Exit 17 NC-133 (Castle Hayne Rd.)
Exit 20 I-40 (Raleigh, Wilmington)
END I-140 BEGIN NC-140 (New Bern)

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