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 North Carolina State Route 700 is a road that goes from US 311 and NC-14/87/770 in Eden to US 29 south of Danville, VA. The route connects the City of Eden to US 29.

NC-700 Shield

The Route Path:

NC-700 begins at a small interchange at US 311 and NC-14/87/770 in the City of Eden. The route heads east, concurrent with US 311 and NC-770 through the neighborhood of Meadow Summit in the eastern part of the city.

Eventually, NC-700 splits from the concurrency, continuing east on a parallel residential street. In the easternmost parts of Eden, the route sharply curves southeast, passing through the southeastern part of the city. NC-700 continues to do this for a while, before crossing the Dan River and leaving Eden.

From here, the route curves east as it passes through some rural parts of Rockingham County. Shortly after, NC-700 curves to the northeast, and continues to head in that direction for a few miles. Eventually, the route has an intersection with Mayfield Road (SR-1767), before continuing northeast for about 3.8 more miles.

After those 3.8 miles are done, NC-700 enters Caswell County and starts to slowly curve southeast. Shortly after, the route passes by the Piedmont Triad Welcome Center, which is also the NC Welcome Center for US 29 in the state. Right after that, NC-700 reaches a diamond interchange with US 29, where the route reaches its eastern terminus.

The end sign for NC-700 at US 29.

Looking at the intersection with the US 29 NB ramps. SR-1360 continues ahead.

The road itself continues east as SR-1360 to NC-86 south of the VA State Line.

My Experiences:

I have only been on NC-700 once, on May 18, 2023 when I stopped at the Welcome Center. I got pictures of the BEGIN and END signs at the US 29 interchange.

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